‘Nunsense A-Men’ a success at Round Barn

NAPPANEE — Nonstop laughter filled the Round Barn Theatre, June 11, during opening night of “Nunsense A-Men.” The musical, scripted by Dan Goggin, offers comical skits in between songs.
The production is based on nuns working to offer a talent show fundraiser to cover costs of burying four dead sisters of faith. Through the nuns’ hilarious interactions, misunderstandings, slow-to-understand actions and a series of strategically placed non-spiritual comments, the audience filled the round barn with much laughter.
Characters even offered interaction with the audience to create more humor, which added a personal touch to the performance.
Despite rumored protesters, which were no longer present by the end of the performance, this beautifully sung, hilariously presented musical offered wonderful entertainment to people of all faiths.
Each performance is directed by seasoned performer and familiar face at the Round Barn Theatre, Jeremy Littlejohn. The artistic director also plays the role of Sister Huber (Mistress of Novices).
“When you have spent as much time in Mt. Saint Helen’s as I have, it is easy to take the charming personalities of these dynamic characters for granted,” Littlejohn said. “With the inexhaustible amount of sequels, the true spirit of the Little Sisters of Hoboken can be lost if one misplaces Dan Goggin’s original vision. While I don’t claim to know the author better than anyone, I believe I have spent enough time in his head to have a genuine understanding of the motivation behind the franchise.
“As I prepared for my fourth installment in the series,” Littlejohn continued, “I have done my best to stage the show in a manner consistent with this motivation, while still remaining true to the Round Barn’s vision for its patrons.”
The production also features favored returning performers Matthew C. Scott, as the sister in charge, Reverend Mother.
Music Director Travis Smith takes on the role of the forgetful Sister Mary Amnesia.
Rounding out the cast of five sisters is Benjamin Lee Jackson as Broadway star wannabe Robert Ann and Ramaad Morris as Novice Sister Mary Leo.
For ticket availability, and to make reservations to experience, call the Box Office at (800) 800-4942, extension 2, or visit AmishAcres.com.
“Nunsense A-Men” is scheduled to continue through Sunday, July 21, at the Round Barn Theatre, U.S. 6, Nappanee.
Performances include 2 p.m. matinees and 8 p.m. evening performances.
Theatre tickets can also be combined with a family style dinner prior to any performance. There will be a themed dinner on Friday, June 14 and July 19.
This is truly a performance to enjoy for both those who love musicals and those seeking comedic plays.