The Daily Press The Pilot News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-23T16:05:35-04:00 health officials warning about bacterial infection reports2014-07-23T16:05:35-04:002014-07-23T16:05:35-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsAs of March 3, 2014,more than 300 ill individuals have been identified and roughly 260 of that number tested positive for Shigella sonnei. No cases have been reported so far in Marshall County or Saint Joseph County; however, there have been cases found in Hendricks County and in parts of Michigan.Shegellosis is a highly contagious batercial diarrheal sickness transmitted through the fecal matter into the digestive system.“It can be transmitted by handling or cleaning up stool or vomit,” said Registered Nurse for Marshall County Health Department Susan Lechlitner. According to Lechlitner, the illness can be transmitted by consuming food or drinks that have been prepared by someone who is infected, as well as sexual contact that involves feces, and person-to-person contact and with contaminated objects.Symptoms will generally appear between one to five days after a person has been exposed, and include diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. If antibiotic treatment steps are not taken, those with the infection can still transmit the bacteria up to a month after symptoms have cleared up.“It generally starts in a day care and can spread very quickly, because of changing a baby’s diapers,” explained Lechlitner. “One child can get sick and spread it. And in age it varies. It also depends on a person’s hand hygiene.”A strong indication of shigellosis is if diarrhea persists more than 24 hours or there is bloody stool, Those concerned should seek treatment, according to the Indiana State Department of Health’s website.“Children with diarrhea should be sent home and stay home until they’re feeling better,” recommended Lechlitner. “Food handlers should do the same thing, but many don’t because they need the money, and they can’t afford to take the work off, or they can’t afford the doctor. It’s a catch-22.”The Indiana State Department of Health recommends that shigellosis can be prevented by washing hands with soap and water after using the restroom, if assisting someone with diarrhea and vomiting, after swimming as the bacteria can be transmitted in pools and bodies of water contaminated with fecal matter, and before, during, and after food preparation. Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoState health officials warning about bacterial infection reportsThe Pilot’s help sought for ‘Pack A Back Pack’2014-07-23T15:47:38-04:002014-07-23T15:47:38-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe Plymouth Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 195 is gearing up their annual Pack a Backpack program to help Marshall County families with the costs of new school supplies by requesting donations from County residents."Last year we passed out roughly 700 [backpacks] to all the schools in Marshall County, plus school supplies," said FOP member Hurshel Hunter.Towns that received supplies from the FOP and Indiana State Police (ISP) program include Argos, Bourbon, Culver, Bremen, LaVille schools, Plymouth, and even Saint Michael's private catholic school.On August 1 and 2, the FOP will be set up in Walmart, requesting that shoppers and residents support their cause."At Walmart, we have shopping carts sitting out there and we stand and hand out flyers with what we need," explained Hunter. "If people are willing, they'll buy backpacks, they'll buy pencils, folders, notebook paper, and other items."Hunter says that in past years, the drive has been successful."It gives children the needy tools to start the school year for education. They need the pens, the pencils, the colored markers, to accomplish what the teachers set forth for them to do," he said.The drive goes to support elementary schools. Drop-off locations for the Pack a Backpack program are Opie's Deli, Fernbaugh's Jewelers, the Moose Lodge, Teachers Credit Union, Oliver Ford, WTCA AM 1050, Krogers, and First Federal Savings Bank.Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoCommunity’s help sought for ‘Pack A Back Pack’The Pilot main flushing continues2014-07-23T14:04:08-04:002014-07-23T14:04:08-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe water mains are flushed once per year over a period of about four weeks. This is done to clear sediment from the lines to keep water flowing smoothly for all.“The yearly flushing of the lines helps maintain the distribution system,” said Ryan Lunetta of the Water Department. “The proper maintaining of the lines also helps reduce the chances of having a water main break.”Several years ago the department outsourced the line flushing to another company. “Since we’ve been doing it ourselves we have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the process,” said Mike Vollrath of the Water Department.To complete the process city-wide there are nearly 300 main lines that need to be flushed. Almost a dozen lines can be cleared in a day. The crew must turn off certain lines in order to clear the specific main line they are working on. The pipes are flushed for a specific amount of time depending on the size and length of the pipe. It varies from just a few minutes to 15 minutes or longer.During the process residents will not typically have any problems with their water at home. However there is a chance that water pressure will fluctuate. In addition there also could be some discoloration of the water. If that happens residents should run their water for several minutes until it clears.The tool that is used to flush the water mains is connected to a fire hydrant. It includes a static pressure gage. The crew monitors the gage to make sure the pressure stays above the proper level. If the level drops below that level it could draw water from the water lines into residential or commercial property.The process should be completed by Aug. 8. If you experience any problems or have questions call the water department at 574-936-2543.Plymouth, INNo author availableWater main flushing continuesThe Pilot Blueberry Festival may be a possibility2014-07-23T08:37:11-04:002014-07-23T08:37:11-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThis information may be linked to Plymouth's decision to build new tennis courts which could reduce available space for a number of Blueberry Festival activities.Plymouth, INNo author availableMoving Blueberry Festival may be a possibilityThe Pilot wire theft is hazardous 2014-07-22T09:16:49-04:002014-07-22T09:16:49-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsStaff WriterMARSHALL COUNTY — A recent theft of copper wire from a Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) substation has sprouted an investigation.“Several hundred feet of copper wire and copper lugs were stolen from the Burr Oak substation,” said NIPSCO Director of External Communications Nick Meyer. “Unfortunately, with serving 32 counties, we see these kind of incidents sometimes.”Thieves target copper wire to sell it to scrap dealers. The theft isn’t just a criminal matter. It could be a matter of life and death.“There was an incident in Gary where a 48 year old man was killed when he sliced into a live wire while trying to steal it,” said Meyer. It wasn’t the man’s first time stealing copper wire.The voltage can range between 220 volts to 7,200. However some high voltage lines can reach 765,000 volts. The danger associated with the electricity is the reason why security measures are in place by electric companies.“We want to keep everyone safe from electrocution,” said Meyer. “We use security measures such as high fencing with barbed wire and infrared camera systems.”There are standard legal procedures for dealing with copper theft. According to Meyer, “in recent years the legislature increased the penalty for copper wire thefts from a Class D felony to a Class C felony if proven the materials were stolen from a utility or infrastructure.”Plymouth, INNo author availableCopper wire theft is hazardous The Pilot to the root of who's responsible for the trees2014-07-22T09:10:19-04:002014-07-22T09:10:19-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INNo author availableGetting to the root of who's responsible for the treesThe Pilot leadership for Highway Department2014-07-22T08:18:45-04:002014-07-22T08:18:45-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INNo author availableNew leadership for Highway DepartmentThe Pilot arrested in early morning traffic stop2014-07-18T08:55:14-04:002014-07-18T08:55:14-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsIn a press release from the Marshall County Police, at approximately 1 a.m. an officer with the Marshall County Police Dept. initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on US 31 at the intersection of US 6. During the stop, County Police Canine Arras walked around the vehicle and indicated the presence of narcotics, according to policeA search of the vehicle allegedly located several items of contraband including nearly 150 grams of marijuana. The driver, 25 year old Cory Scheibelhut of Mishawaka, and a passenger 25 year old Kasey Correll were arrested and transported to the Marshall County Jail.Cory Scheibelhut was booked for Possession of Marijuana with a Prior charge and Posession of Hash. His bond was set at $1,500. Kasey Correll was charged with Possession of Marijuana with a Prior Charge, Dealing in Marijuana, and Possession of a Controlled Substance. His bond was also set at $1,500. Both subjects were given a court date of Aug. 26. in Superior Court #2. Plymouth, INNo author availableTwo arrested in early morning traffic stopThe Pilot jet crashes near Ukraine2014-07-17T15:14:42-04:002014-07-17T14:21:26-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script><div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:425px;height:320px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="26420831" data-config-site-section="horizon"></div>GRABOVO, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine said a passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down Thursday as it flew over the country, and both the government and the pro-Russia separatists fighting in the region denied any responsibility for downing the plane.As plumes of black smoke rose up near a rebel-held village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine, an Associated Press journalist counted at least 22 bodies at the crash site 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Russian border.The plane appeared to have broken up before impact and the burning wreckage — which included body parts and the belongings of passengers — was scattered over a wide area.Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the downing an act of terrorism and called for an international investigation into the crash.The village of Grabovo is currently under the control of the separatists and the area has seen severe fighting between the two sides in recent days.Malaysia Airlines confirmed that it received notification from Ukrainian aviation authorities that it had lost contact with flight MH17 at 1415 GMT some 30 kilometers (20 miles) from Tamak waypoint, approximately 50 km (30 miles) from the Russia-Ukraine border.It said the plane had 280 passengers and 15 crew aboard a Boeing 777 that left Amsterdam at 12.15 p.m. and was to arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 6.10 a.m. Friday.Plymouth, INNo author availableMalaysian jet crashes near UkraineThe Pilot Department — two bosses instead of one2014-07-15T11:27:51-04:002014-07-15T11:27:21-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INNo author availableHighway Department — two bosses instead of oneThe Pilot