The Daily Press The Pilot News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-21T11:31:04-04:00 Football starts on the road2014-08-21T11:31:04-04:002014-08-21T11:31:04-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INNo author availableLions Football starts on the roadThe Pilot Celebration2014-08-21T11:26:56-04:002014-08-21T11:26:56-04:00Copyright 2014 The Pilot NewsBremen, InNo author availableBremen CelebrationThe Pilot Department Updates2014-08-21T10:19:29-04:002014-08-21T10:19:29-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsOne of the first companies asked the commissioners to approve their application for a road cut to tap into the Metronet near 4A Road. In addition the department and the commissioners discussed three possible new speed limit sign locations and hiring of a new employee.Plymouth, INDiona EskewHighway Department UpdatesThe Pilot plans for future development2014-08-21T10:02:34-04:002014-08-21T10:02:34-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoLakeville plans for future developmentThe Pilot replaced by TASC2014-08-21T09:31:21-04:002014-08-21T09:31:21-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoGED replaced by TASCThe Pilot Schools moving ahead with $700,000 bond2014-08-20T08:14:01-04:002014-08-20T08:14:01-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe Board selected option allows interest only to be paid in the first five years, more paid in the sixth year, and a final balloon payment would be made in the seventh year. In this option, current debt obligations will be increased only slightly, and the balloon payment will be due in a year when other obligations are not present.Taxes will increase when the bond is approved and repayment begins. Umbaugh and Associates CPAs, taxes on a $100,000 home would increase about $30 per year. Farmland taxes would be increased by just under $2 per acre per year, and a $100,000 commercial or rental property would pay just under $100 per year.Plymouth, INNo author availableArgos Schools moving ahead with $700,000 bondThe Pilot county budget requests under review2014-08-20T08:07:11-04:002014-08-20T08:07:11-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe General Fund budgets for all departments totaled $9,041,321. The council now has the daunting task of determining where to cut $316,078 from the budgets. The majority of the departments included three percent pay raises for their staff. At this time there were no decisions made on whether or not raises would be approved in the budgets. The pressing issue on how the county will handle the 20 to 25 percent anticipated increase in health insurance costs was also not decided.County Auditor Penny Lukenbill shaved nearly $200,000 in recommendations she made to the Council earlier this month, but these recommendations nixed any pay increases. “This comes back to 156 grand for the extra pay and a three percent raise on top of that would have to hit the 100 grand mark. And with insurance we are looking at potentially $300,000 additionally to the budget,” said council member Rex Gilliland. “We can talk about it all day long but the money is not there.”Many of the departments were already preparing for the increase in insurance expenses by adding 20 percent to their budgets to cover the expenses. Some of the departments are facing increases in costs out of their control. The Sheriff’s Department and the Highway Department are two of those departments that must deal with large expenses in their budgets.An example of one request being considered by the council is road salt. The Highway Department is anticipating spending a lot more for road salt this winter than last. prices increased from $48.84 to $73.32 per ton. The department has an agreement to receive 1,100 tons of salt therefore they added more than $17,000 to their budget to cover that expense.Plymouth, INDiona Eskew2015 county budget requests under reviewThe Pilot headed this way2014-08-19T14:57:21-04:002014-08-19T14:57:21-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe line of storms extends from Walkerton to six miles south of Knox and is moving about 35 miles per hour.LOCATIONS IN THE PATH OF THESE STORMS INCLUDE...PLYMOUTH...BREMEN...WALKERTON AND KOONTZ LAKE...NORTH LIBERTY AND CULVER...Plymouth, INNo author availableStorms headed this wayThe Pilot offender monitoring system coming soon2014-08-19T09:51:26-04:002014-08-19T09:51:26-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsWard Byers, Court Services, brought a contract before the Marshall County Commissioners for their approval. The contract is for alcohol monitoring with BI Corporation.“What this contract is going to be able to do for us, if approved,” said Byers, “is to expand our alcohol monitoring on our offenders. This will allow us to have both, what is called a scram or a transdermal ankle bracelet which is a continuous alcohol monitoring of the more high risk alcohol offenders. Or we’ll be able to use what is called a silver-link unit, the best way for you to visualize that is the portable breath test units that the police use.”The system would allow Byers to set up a schedule for the offender to provide a sample. The offender would not know the schedule but would receive notification from the unit that it was time to provide a sample. At the time of providing a sample the unit will take a photo of the offender, record the blood alcohol level and send up a GPS signal so the department knows where the offender is located.Plymouth, INDiona EskewNew offender monitoring system coming soonThe Pilot use local company's check to commit mail fraud2014-08-19T09:47:12-04:002014-08-19T09:46:34-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News“It started out Thursday last week,” said Paula Johnson, an employee of the company. She received a call from a man who resided in Toledo, Ohio.“He told me the check number and it didn’t match up with the run,” she said. “It had the routing number, account number, and our address.”But the checks had left off the phone number for Faulkner Fabricating.The gentleman had been told that he could keep $600 if he cashed the check from an email he had received. A similar call from a woman out of Tennessee came into Johnson’s office. She too had received an email. As of Aug. 15, Faulkner Fabricating had been informed of 14 checks that people from across the country had tried to cash.After speaking with a US Postal Inspector, Johnson was informed that the fraud was an inside job, and could have been “an insider at a financial institution somewhere, in a bank” that was the cause of the fraud.The scheme is a new twist on an old con.“There are a million variations on the scheme,” said Postal Inspector and PIO out of Gary, Mary Johnson. “They’re hijacking the corporation’s name. It’s like identity theft for a corporation.”Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoScammers use local company's check to commit mail fraudThe Pilot