The Daily Press The Pilot News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-30T09:02:32-04:00 Festival board members toured Argos facilities2014-07-30T09:02:32-04:002014-07-30T09:02:32-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsRepresentatives from the Blueberry Festival Board have reportedly looked at several alternative sites throughout the county as a “what-if” back up in the event that the festival would move from Centennial Park in Plymouth.Bob Brown, Blueberry Festival Board member, met with Argos Community Schools Interim Superintendent, Russ Mikel, two days prior to the Argos School Board meeting in July. According to Mikel, he was asked to make the school board aware of the possibility of moving the festival to Argos and the need to use the school’s parking lots to accommodate parking. Mikel said he was asked if school would be closed the Friday prior to the festival, if they festival would move to Argos. If that day off would be a consideration, the school calendar would need to be altered for the 2015-2016 school year.This conversation was first reported by the Pilot News on July 23. In that report, Marshall County Blueberry Festival coordinator said concerns about the planned tennis court relocation was one of the reasons that a move may be necessary. Brown and three other representatives of the Blueberry Festival Board also met with the Argos Utilities Superintendent, Jim Burroughs, and a town council member in July. Ultimately the Argos Park Board would be the entity to negotiate with the Blueberry Festival Board, the Argos School Board would have to approve school grounds/buildings related needs, and the Argos Town Council would have to address any street or roads concerns.Since the story broke, public support has rallied towards keeping the festival in Plymouth, including several pages on social media sites. The current three-year between the Plymouth Park Board and the Blueberry Festival expires this year. Blueberry Festival Coordinator, Sherrie Martin, said no negotiations would be considered until after the 2014 festival. The Blueberry Festival Board enters into separate agreements with some events at the festival such as the Old Wheels Antique Car Show and the Hot Air Balloon Glow, carnival rides, vendors, and others including of-site official parking at Plymouth High School and Riverside Intermediate School and the Moose tram service.Additional details on this story are featured in today's edition of the Pilot News. Comments on this story are appreciated. You can comment online, or through a letter to the editor. 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The market is more self-serve friendly now making it easier for customers to access bulk and/ or refrigerated items. The bulk selection will be expanded to include a larger selection of items. New items have also been added to the shelves as well. New pastas and sauces are in stock and more coffee and tea flavors will be coming soon. There are food items, quilts, soaps and lotions, baked goods and the ever-popular handmade Earthworks bread. Kelly Payne, a Culinary Pastry Chef student at Ivy Tech in South Bend, is spending some time at Earthworks baking before starting her last bit of school. The practice Payne will gain from the market will be good for both Earthworks and Payne. There’s always a surprise treat to be found at the pastry counter. On Tuesday that was an upside down plum cake. The reopening of the market brought forth a very busy day for staff. “We’ve been super busy,” said Rebecca Tepes, of Earthworks. “People have been very understanding and so supportive of us through everything.” Friends Janice Eberly and Angi Beyler met for lunch at Earthworks. It was the edamame salad and multigrain bread that Eberly missed. The ladies are frequent visitors to the market. Earthworks Market is located at 900 W. Jefferson St in Plymouth. The hours are Tuesday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Plymouth, INDiona EskewFresh look at EarthworksThe Pilot