The Daily Press The Pilot News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-10-31T15:10:36-04:00 Frightful Tales - Age 12 and younger (Group 1)2014-10-31T15:10:36-04:002014-10-31T15:10:36-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<h1> WINNER: Costume Crisis </h1>BY Jacob Fish"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Darron yelled, pain rushing through his body.The totes were pretty heavy. It was Halloween, and as usual, Darron was having a hard time finding a costume. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find a scary, yet awesome costume. He didn't want anything plastic or any costume from the store, because he knew from Halloweens past, the stuff he did buy broke two days after Halloween, or was never used again. That Halloween, he decided to get creative for Costumes. The problem was, he wasn't very creative.After a while, he decided he needed to give his mind a rest. He flopped on the couch and turned on the TV."Today's headlines: Three teens disappeared two nights ago, and we're not sure what happened to them. There was smooth,black cloth at the site they were last seen at, which makes people believe 'Slenderman' is responsible. We are still investigating further...Click!" Darron turned off the TV in excitement "Thats it!"Darron yelled. "I will dress up as Slenderman!Darron grabbed his church Tuxedo and laid it on his bed. If this worked, he would surely give his friends a scare. He then needed to make his face white. Face paint wouldn't do it, it would wash off, then his costume wouldn't be scary at all.He decided to go to the store and buy a white morph man suit. When he got there, he found what he was looking for. Yet for some reason, the costume said FREE. Darron seemed puzzled"Why is it free?" Darron questions, looking for rips in the suit. "Why would Wal-Mart have a free item?""Its gotten very bad customer reviews," a Wal-Mart worker answered,walking by his aisle."Parents sent it back to the store,saying they didn't like how it is on their kids. You can take it anyway, I don't think theirs anything wrong with it."Darron was desperate at this point,so regardless of the warnings,he took the suit home to put it with his other costume pieces. On his way home, he found four black, tentacle like strapped together. He grabbed them knowing that they would work good with his costume.At home,Darron set all the pieces at his bed. He was going to make it into a one piece Slenderman costume that he would use throughout the rest of his teenage days. Once he had it,he got dinner around. He wasn't going to scare people on an empty stomach. After dinner, he was going to scare people.Darron finished,and decided to go. His mom was sick,and his dad had night shift at Target,so he didnt get any order of what street he couldn't go on. He gets dressed in his Slenderman costume, which surprisingly felt tight for a size 16. As be put it on, he had a feeling under his skin, a dark energy pulsing. After he put it on, the feeling disappeared. Darron started to head outside so he could scare people.Suddenly, he stopped. Keep moving, he thought to his body, but he just stood there. His eye coordination then went black, his nose disappeared,and he couldn't say anything about it. He was losing his body to something."You have fallen into my trap, and now, I am reborn fully at last!" Darron heard a cold,deep voice say, then it was dark.That next morning,his parents were looking for him because he wasn't there. They looked everywhere,even in the dumpsters, but still, no Darron. They had the FBI on the scene, yet they were no help. Finally, they considered him dead. But people say he is still out there, and that he has to take one million souls to lift his curse.<h2> HONORABLE MENTION: The Big Top </h2>By Riley GilmerI’m running. Running...running...running out of breath, hearing his specific footsteps echoing mine. Thump, thump, thump.Strobe lights flashed and park rides whirled around me, making me feel like I was the amusement. The carousel’s horses leaping like frogs.The ferris wheel carts, bobbing as if adrift on the ocean’s surface.The horns screeched to life. I paused.“Paisley,” the voice cooed, “there’s nothing to be afraid of; it’s just...a game!”Spinning around vigorously, I am trying to find the source of the sound. Trying to find any source of light, to reveal who was watching me-- stalking me. Trying to find an escape.The carnival music sped up. It seemed as if the lights got brighter and more intimidating. Maniacal laughter surrounded me, ringing in my ear.“Paisley!” The soft, gentle voice melted into something evil. “There’s nowhere to hide!” The disturbingly soothing voice returned, “Come out,come out wherever you are!”More laughter.The footsteps approached faster and faster. A shadow blurred past the carousel. I continued to run, sprinting for my life.My legs gave out on me. I stumbled, feeling the ground drawing nearer to having contact with my face.The ground was hard, cold. I could feel every grain of the sandy ground. The ground that children ran across, dragging their mothers to the game booths. The ground where the teenagers chewed tobacco, and spit it off the ferris wheel, trying to nail a poor child in the head. The ground that people enjoyed elephant ears, cotton candy, and candy apples, gaining weight every bite.‘I’ll die in a child’s heaven...’I could feel the vibration of his feet hitting the ground repeatedly. These seconds that I was on the ground were seconds that could mean the difference of life or death.Death. Death. Death: me.I turned around. The world around me was in slow motion. Flashes of memory.He arrived at his destination, standing over me. His face slowly revealed as the darkness dispersed.His face was a pale white with touches of red, blue, black and yellow. His bright, red, nose gave me a sense of safety. That this was all a misunderstanding.His make-up began to run down his cheeks. Leaving black residue dripping beneath his eyes.He reached into his pocket for his weapon.“What do you want from me?” I managed to stutter.“Nothing, but yet everything,” he vowed.Swift movements. A sharp pain in my chest. I looked down to see the maroon liquid glisten in the slivers of light.It was over.Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad after all. Maybe I’d get a second chance, a second life. A second...The world became hazy; blurry. I managed to see him remove themask from his face. Dark, brown hair. Bangs covering his left eye. Bright pink lips. Freckles sprawled across the face.It wasn’t a man at all.And then, darkness.<h2> HONORABLE MENTION: The Path </h2>By Dakota LinbackWhen I was seven years old, me and my family moved into a newhouse. We moved in the first place because our old apartment was toosmall for us, after Todd was born. He was about two when we moved, sothis story really doesn’t apply to him.My room was medium size, about the size of my Mums old bedroom,in our old apartment. All that was in there so far was my bed, which hadsome space under it. I had always been afraid of monsters under my bed,and I never wanted to have any room under my bed, because then I wouldbe reassured that there is nothing under there.Later that night, after everybody was asleep, I woke up to the soundof creaking under my bed. I was terrified. My Mum said I could keep aflashlight with me tonight. So, cautiously, I peeked under my bed, andfound a monster.It jumped out and covered my mouth before I could scream. It said, “Iam a nice monster. Don’t think I want to hurt you.” He uncovered my mouth and I thought to myself, “a nice monster?” I decided to give him a chance. I said, “what's your name?” The monster replied, “Mr. Widemouth.”I could see why he was called that. He was small, about a foot underme, and his head was bigger than the rest of his body. He had enormouseyes that seemed to be peering into my soul. But his grin was over it all. It was the widest grin and so eerie and creepy, but welcoming at the same time. So he said, “I live under your bed. Go back to sleep, and we can playin the morning."When I woke up, Mr. Widemouth was not under my bed. Instead, hewas looming over me. “Good morning”, said Mr. Widemouth. “First,” hesaid, “lets start the training.” So Mr. Widemouth took me into a back room I had not seen yet. There was a large window there, and he opened it. It was about a 2 story building, so it was a long drop. Mr. Widemouth exclaimed, “If you imagine that there is a swimming pool, or a trampoline on the ground way down there, and if you jump, one will appear.” “But I’m too scared of heights, and my mom would be angry if I tried”, I retorted.I could see him start to get slightly angry, but then he went back tosmiling. He said that he needed to get some sleep, and we could playtomorrow. The next day when I woke up, I looked out my window andfound Mr. Widemouth standing in the side yard, as if he were waiting forme. So I started out there, after getting dressed.He showed me a small path in the backyard. Mr. Widemouthexclaimed, “I have taken many of my friends (that were also little children like me at the time) down this path. You are not ready, but you eventually will be."He was tired again and went back to sleep. Later that night, mymum asked me how I liked the new house. I replied, “ I really like this new house. I like Mr. Widemouth too”My mum freaked out, and decided to move, once again.*Present day* A few days ago, we visited the house. I am currently16, and hardly remembered Mr. Widemouth. So I decided to see for myselfwhat was down that path he had showed me, and it led right to a cemeteryof children.<h2> HONORABLE MENTION: The Statue </h2>by Matthew DobuckPlymouth, INNo author availableMore Frightful Tales - Age 12 and younger (Group 1)The Pilot'Frightful Tales' from the TEENS2014-10-31T14:47:11-04:002014-10-31T14:47:11-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<h1> WINNER: The Choices We Make </h1> By David R. Dare There was only darkness, and a gradually increasing pain. The pain itself had no source and throbbed throughout Jacob's body. Jacob was confused, puzzled by this. He also couldn't remember anything prior to this, only his name, Jacob Winston. His mind was blank, almost soothing, peaceful even, his thoughts echoed around him, he could hear muffled sirens from an unknown location. He worried that he had gone blind, by some act of God. The muffled sirens grew louder and consumed the dark landscape. "Is anyone there!" Jacob shouted, to which no one replied. He looked at his hands, hoping to faintly see their outlines, and could not. His eyes teared up, and flowed down his cheek and off his chin giving him comfort."What is happening?," he cried, sitting down. The sirens were close and Jacob could hear incoherent yelling. He jumped to his feet and spun desperately, hoping to see a light. He felt an uneasy presence, similar to when someone stands behind you. He felt cold metallic objects on his chest, though he could not physically touch them. A sudden surge flowed through his body, thrashing Jacob to the ground, leaving him gasping for air. And as suddenly as the first, another came, only this time with an overhead flash of light. The light seared Jacob's eyes, which had adapted to the darkness.Jacob desperately started crawling, unaware of anything and in mid crawl, lunged to a sprint and ran for what seemed like miles. He stopped, catching his breath, the darkness was heavy on his lungs. He looked around, Jacob looked at his hands again, and surprisingly, seen their outlines. He looked around and noticed the landscape, it has changed from pitch black, to a thick gray fog. Jacob could see a building, and raced in its direction as though it would vanish as quickly as it appeared, slowing down as he reached the building's yard. The building had a rustic beauty, the walls built of aging red brick. The yard had a faded picket fence, and a rusty playground. Jacob crept through the door with a push. Everything was coated in dust, and the building had five rooms and an eating area.Jacob walked, stopping when he heard a creak in the floorboards behind him. With a twist of his body, he turned to an entity dressed in crimson, it's face hidden in a shadowy hood. The entity floated, and its robe dragged behind it, and it slowly lifted its bone-like hand at to the right of Jacob, to a door that was ajar. Jacob walked into the room, it had a green tinted chalkboard. The chalkboard had something written on it. In large childlike handwriting it reads, "It's your choice..."  Jacob sat at one of the desks, eyes straining at the message. The Crimson Entity floated into the room its robe still dragging, and stopped in front of Jacob. They stood there staring, even though Jacob could not see its face. The silence seemed like an eternity. The Crimson Entity reached for its hood and slowly pulled it back, revealing its face. It seemed familiar and upon inspection he figured it out. It's face, was his face.Startled, Jacob woke up and thought, "What happened to the Crimson entity, was I dreaming?" The room was dark with faint lights and a consecutive beep. He looked around and noticed a figure sitting in a chair. The beeps sped up as the figure stood up, cleared its throat and calmly said, "Hello Jacob, I've been expecting you, it's good to see you've made your choice..."<h2> HONORABLE MENTION: Hands of Fate </h2>By Iris FryYou walk up to the house, if that's what someone would call it. The structure is dark, ominous. The front steps creak as your weight goes from foot to foot. You knock on the door, all is quiet. Suddenly a bush near the bottom of the steps moves. Hearing the dark bush rustle, you turn towards the sound. Walking towards the bush cautiously, you smack it, feeling its waxy leaves slap against your skin. Nothing comes out of the bush. Turning back to the house, you hear a voice say, “Leave this manor”. Feeling chills run down your spine, you run up to the door once again and knock louder and more hurriedly. You call out for someone to let you in. The bush rustles again. The door opens and you rush into the home. Looking around for whomever let you in, you see no one is there. You slam the door and push against its rough surface. Finally, you walk away from the door when you are sure nothing is pursuing you. The house is cold, damp, and looks as well-kept as any. Suddenly the walls are rumbling and make thumping noises. You hear snarling outside. The windows are being scratched at. Rushing to the tiny peephole in the door, you peer out. Nothing. All of the sudden the door is jolted and all you see is red eyes. You scream. Things are outside the windows. The door is creaking as if the coarse wood is being bent to its limit. The noises continue a few more minutes till they all stop at once. The house is dead silent. You can't move. Terror is all you feel. You clutch your luggage tightly as if its leather casing is some sort of lifeline. You see stairs on the other end of the house. The musty smell grows as you timidly walk towards them. Climbing the stairs slowly, worrying about their decrepit state, you reach the landing and find a hall lined with pictures. At the end is a grandfather clock. You walk down the hallway and examine it. It is old, but the dust that should cover it is missing. It is as if it is the only clean relic in this house. The clock has smooth, red wood with beautiful workmanship in every detail of its carving. Opening the glass cover concealing the clock's face, you find that the clock's hands seem to have been torn off. You turn around and see a light seemingly shining out of the wall. Nervously, you walk towards it and notice the wall paneling is cut into a small square. You push slightly on it. It doesn't budge. You push harder. It finally gives way. Upon entering the room, you scream silently. Covering the ground are seven bodies. All horribly slashed. They look and smell as if they have been there for months. Gagging, you back out of the horror filled room. You face the stairway and start running towards it. Suddenly you hear a small feminine voice say, “They warned you.” A girl holding the clock hands is standing behind you. She grimaces. All you see is the demented smile spreading across her face before death takes you.<h2> HONORABLE MENTION: Baby Bon-Qui-Qui</h2>By: Riley Gilmer, Brylee Murphy, Adam Jones, Shelby Ritter, Kenny HilgendorfHer eyes glisten in the pre-wrapped box. Her hair is a bright apple red. Her face is smooth, shiny. She is beautiful.The antique store is quiet, smelling of dust, musty objects, and wrinkly elders.“Mom!” I proclaim,“She’s beautiful!”My mother grabs the box and silently examines the packaging.“35 dollars, that’s expensive for a doll. It’s probably just junk anyway.”“But mama!” I whine.“Fine, fine, you can have it! But chores for a week, okay?” She exclaims.“Deal!”I rush to the car, anxious to open it. I rip the plastic lining wide open to retrieve my prize. I gently pull out the doll, when the limbs begin to fall, the clothes tatter, and I become furious. I quickly react and throw the doll out the car window, watching it move across the highway.“Qui-Qui,” my sister screeches. “Qui-Qui!”“Shut up! It’s just a stupid piece of junk anyway.”* * *I tell myself that the scratching sounds in the attic are probably squirrels. I choose to ignore the scratching sounds at my bedroom door, the ones from inside the closet, and the ones under the bed even though I can feel them tearing through the bottom of the mattress.I look under the bed; nothing. In the closet; nothing. I step outside my bedroom door. There are tiny wet footprints leading from my bedroom door to the attic.I walk up the stairs reluctantly.‘They are just squirrels.’I wish I could believe that.The stairs creak beneath my feet.Creak. Creak. Creak.Every step I take might be my last.As I approach the attic door, I hear faint giggling. “I’m home!” The voice squeaks.I fling open the door to see a tiny figure standing before me.She is beautiful. Her hair is a bright apple red. Her face is smooth; shiny.“Wait a minute....”“I Bon Qui Qui! Are you my mama?”I look closer, studying the face. It has no eyelids and has a bleached face with a carved smile.“You’re my mama! You threw me out the car window!” “No, it can’t be!” I exclaimed.“Yes, yes it can! We will love each other forever and ever and ever…”I bolt down the stairs, hearing the doll trail behind me. “Don’t run! Come back!”I sprint into my mother’s room, hoping she will provide safety.“Mom! The doll! It’s trying to hurt me!”I hear a faint sound behind me. “Good night!”I feel  a sharp pain in my back. I fall to the ground, seeping away from life.I hear a scream. It might be my own. Then, there is nothing.* * *The police investigate the house. They pick up every detail in the house that might provide a ray of light to solve my murder. All they found was the bloodstained hand of a doll.<h2> The evil in the night </h2>By Hunter MillerIt was a dark and stormy night and I just got done with my daily patrol of the city and the reason why was because all men were required to patrol the city with a gun because an insane shape shifting killer who was said to be possessed by a pure evil had escaped! Some of the scientist who were studying the killer talked about “ending it” witch shocked me. The scientists were actually hired to study the insane cook but he escaped and was loose in the city. I had to do my shift on foot because my truck was in the shop. Suddenly it started raining and I could barely move because the wind was to strong and as it blew I thought I heard the scream of a woman and an evil laugh so I started running to see what it was and as soon as I got there, their was nothing but a woman getting ready to leave in her car but before she could I asked her if everything was OK and this is what she said “I thought I saw the killer but it was just a stray dog”. “OK then I just wanted to see if everything was OK”. I started walking home but just then the woman said, “Hey you can’t be walking in this storm the weather station on my radio says there’s going to possibly be a tornado so if you want you can stay at my place and its only a 2 blocks away”. “Sure besides my place is in the larger part of the city”. As we drove the wind got stronger and the thunder got louder and it was actually getting kind of freaky. Soon we reached her place and as soon as we entered here’s what she said “Hey, if your hungry I can make something for you and I hope you don’t mind but I’m a vegan chef”. “That’s fine,” I said as she entered the kitchen. I started looking around and there were a couple of creepy things in her dark living room such as a knife collection and as I got a closer look I noticed something “is that…. blood on that knife. “Hey if you want you can explore the house but please don’t go into that back room”. I couldn’t hold my curiosity in so I quietly snuck to the back room and as I got closer I heard strange noises that sounded like cries of pain so I opened the door and what I saw was a horrific shock. What I saw was a slaughterhouse and in the corner was one of the scientists hanging from a rope by her wrist and when I looked at her legs her knees and everything under was completely severed off and then I saw the bucket right under her and it was filled with blood. Not soon after I looked at the wall above a bloody table and I saw a kill list and all the people who were on the kill list were the scientist that were studying the shape shifter that had escaped the lab and 6 out of the 10 names were crossed off. I thought that I should run but just as I started to back out of the room I heard a voice say,”………run please…” then I turned around and the woman who had let me in to her home was standing there with the bloody knife in her hand and she said “I thought I asked you to stay out of this room”! All of a sudden her skin started shifting out of place and the next thing I know there was a killer wolf trying to rip my tonsils out. “Are you crazy?” I yelled, “Oh ho you’re a smart one which only wants me to kill you more”. It looked like it was the end but then I remembered that I had my desert eagle handgun on my pocket so I quickly grabbed it and started shooting at the creatures neck and the next thing I knew the creature backed off like it was nothing, but then it fell over and a black ooze started to leak out of its neck and it said “I’ll see you in the other world “so I stood on its side and said “I don’t think so” and shot one more shot into its head. Then the sun appeared and I knew that it was all over. Plymouth, INNo author available'Frightful Tales' from the TEENSThe Pilot reader submitted stories are 'Frightful Tales' - ADULTS2014-10-31T14:32:08-04:002014-10-31T14:32:08-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<h1> WINNER: Thorn Street: A Halloween Story </h1>By John W. Vander Velden Thorn Street, on the edge of Carterton, is much like other streets. Small and moderate houses, framed and painted, stand among a few brick residences. In late October Jack-O-Lanterns glow on front steps as in other neighborhoods. Yet few children include Thorn Street on their route to goodies on Beggar’s Night. For residents of Carterton have heard the stories, and even those who put no stock in such tales do not put children at risk. There are no houses east of those on Thorn Street. Behind those ordinary homes a strip of grass grows. But beyond that narrow pasture, stands a grove of trees known as Baker’s Woods. Eldon Baker, young and ambitious, farmed the land that included Thorn Street, but that was long ago. Few know who owns that wood, and far fewer have roamed beneath those twisted boughs, for within lies the remnant of a grand farmstead, now enwrapped by old and gnarled pin oaks and blue beach, a place long abandoned. Most know the story of young Eldon Baker and his beautiful wife Lana. Eldon worked hard to reach his dreams, and among those dreams was Lana Carter. For many years Lana paid no heed to the affections of the big handsome man. None know the reason she at last consented to marry, perhaps it was the house. For Eldon built, with his own hands, the grandest house in the county, a large brick edifice, standing proudly upon a gentle hill among barns of red. Word of that house’s splendor spread across the state. On the eve of Eldon and Lana’s second anniversary, the lovely Mrs. Baker vanished. The distraught Eldon told how Lana had left him, going west with a traveling tinker, a tall young man young with dark eyes and coal black hair. Neighbors wondered, for though many had seen the tinker, none had witnessed Lana in his company. Eldon Baker shut himself off from the world. Even the hired men only caught glimpses, as the broad farmer moved past the upstairs bedroom window. Then on a late October night, a night when the moon failed to shine, a night clouds hid the stars. That grand house -- that house of stone and oiled wood -- burned. Far the blaze could be seen, as the house standing on the hill, was consumed by the red-orange flames reaching into the pitch dark sky. The morning’s light revealed the hollowed out brick shell, crumbling walls around charred wood and deep piles of ash. No trace of Eldon Baker was found. Many shook their heads that day and wondered. Some said the man set fire to the house he had built -- built with blister and callus, built for the only woman he loved -- out of grief. Others certain that guilt overcame the big farmer, for they believed Lana’s blood, a burden unbearable. With years passing and no word or sign from the beautiful Lana Baker, the farm lay abandoned, the buildings crumbled, slowly becoming surrounded by the trees that now make Baker’s Woods. But on nights of the new moon, dark nights when thick clouds block out even the brightest stars, the houses on Thorn Street lock their doors and bolt the east windows, hoping to lock out the dreadful wailing that comes from that block of trees. The bravest watch from behind sealed glass as, from time to time, they see eyes -- glowing as white-hot coals -- watching from the woods, watching the houses on Thorn Street.<h2> HONORBLE MENTION: "Pirate and Dragon" </h2>By Kathy Wilson"Come on, Hannah! If you don't hurry up people will start turning off their porch lights and we won't get any candy," said Nina. Hannah was seven and her big sister, Nina, was taking her 'trick or treating'. Not that thirteen year old Nina was going to have any fun dragging her little sister along. "Well, if you had to walk in these big dragon feet, you'd slow down too," said Hannah. "Anyway, I'll just scare the candy out of everyone," she laughed. Soon it was an hour later, and they had very little candy after knocking at over a dozen houses and yelling "Trick or Treat!" They were getting tired, it was almost dark, and to top it off now it was starting to drizzle."My pirate hat is getting wet and my mustache is starting to droop," complained Nina. "I'm going home!""No you don't! Mom said you have to stay with me, and I want to try that house down the lane," Hannah stated in a very determined voice. Nina squinted her eyes trying to see the house at the end of the lane. She could just barely make out a very dim porch light. "It looks spooky. I bet they don't even have any candy," Nina said to the back of Hannah's dragon head. But she knew when she was beat and resolutely followed her little sister down the lane. "Fine! But after this I'm going home, with or without you," she called. As they got closer they could see how run down the house was. Nina thought she was movement behind a curtained window. Someone was watching them approach! "Trick or treat," Hannah called as Nina knocked on the door. With a creak, the door swung open. The hallway was candle-lit, and they heard a craggy voice telling them to come inside. Suddenly an old woman stood before them. She was dressed in black and her gray hair hung loose and down to her waist. Two dark, bear-like eyes stared at them from a wrinkled face. In her hands she held a shoe box with small holes at the top. Her fingers tightly gripped the box as if the contents might escape at any moment. "I've been watching for you," she said. "I'd almost given up hope. Come along now. Don't be afraid." Nina laid her hand on Hannah's shoulder and stepped between her sister and the woman. "I'm not afraid!" Hannah said from behind her sister. "What's in the box?" The old woman's face twisted into what was either a snarl or a contorted smile. She reached out to Nina and placed the box in her hands. "No matter what sounds you hear from this box keep the lid on until you get home," she directed. Then she cackled and shrieked, "Trick or Treat!" Just then a breeze from behind them blew out the candle and the hallway was plunged into total darkness. Nina held the box tightly and grabbed her sister's dragon paw as she lunged for the door. "Run Hannah!" she yelled. As pirate boots and dragon feet stumbled down from the porch, the box in Nina's hands made a loud screeching sound. And then the box seemed to rock and shudder!"I'm putting this box down, right now," said Nina. "It's shaking in my hands." As soon as the box was on the ground, out crawled something dark, and...."It's a kitten!" cried Nina. "A little black kitten!" "Well, at least this Halloween," laughed Hannah, "Dad won't say, 'you kids get too much candy!' " <h2> HONORABLE MENTION: The briefcase </h2>By Robin ZoellnerGeorge knew it didn't really matter, but he was tired of it. Tired of having to put away his father's empty briefcase every morning. Of tripping over it when he'd already done everything that could possibly be done to get rid of an object. There it was, every morning, in front of his door, no matter where he lived. George hired exorcists, and occult experts. None of them could keep it from happening. As usual, he reached for the bag as he shuffled out the door to work. Only, this time, he found himself grabbing a handful of curly hair.He shouted, somebody screamed, and George found himself fallen on his rump a few feet away from the door, blinking at the intruder who had snapped on the lights in the scuffle. “Where's the briefcase?” he asked stupidly.“It's mine! Why do you keep taking it, you mean person?” The boy, who looked to be too young for school, whined, and put two of his fingers into his mouth to suck.George stared at the small intruder. “Why would a little boy like you need one, anyhow? Besides, it's empty. And it isn't yours, anyhow.”“It is too!” He pouted. “I need it for work. It has my secret treasure.”“What secret treasure?” George hated arguing with kids. Or really anything to do with them.The boy flipped open the briefcase, revealing a secret pocket George hadn't even known existed. He pulled out an Altoids tin, which had hard candy in it. “See!” The boy crowed. “My treasure. Besides, it has my name right here. My daddy put it there back when I was eighteen and got my first job.”George was stunned—his father had always put bulk candy in empty tins like that. He stared, slack jawed as the boy pointed at the monogram with his father's name. “What do you mean, back when you were eighteen? How old are you now?”“I'm this many,” the boy said, holding up four sticky fingers.The man stared, feeling a chill down his spine. His father had died four years ago, to the day. “Take your briefcase, then. I don't want it.”“I can't!” The child whined, and stomped. “You have to bring it to me, silly!”George sighed, and watched the little boy wrench the door open, and slam it behind himself. Out the front window, the boy was nowhere in sight, and there were no bushes to hide in. The door was locked when he reached for it, and George shivered again, remembering the crisp curls and solid body he'd thumped into. He was late to work that morning, having made a detour on his way to leave the briefcase at his father's headstone.A year later, he was talking to the priest he had first asked to be an exorcist. “So you haven't seen the briefcase since?”“No. I've sold father's company, and finished training to be a personal trainer,” George said. “I'll open my own gym, soon.”The front door slammed, and both men jumped. “I must have left the door ajar,” the priest said, sheepishly.The boy wandered into the kitchen, swiping the coffee mug George was about to drink from. “Honestly, it took you long enough. It's like I have to do everything for you,” he said, before leaving again.“That's him, isn't it,” the priest murmured. “I remember when he was a boy.”“Yes.” George said faintly. “And I did lock the door, I'm sure.”The priest finished his coffee while George watched, then left.Plymouth, INNo author availableThese reader submitted stories are 'Frightful Tales' - ADULTSThe Pilot officer training key to success2014-10-31T13:43:29-04:002014-10-31T13:43:29-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsYou see them on the highway, city streets, parking lots, businesses, schools, everywhere and they aren’t going anywhere either. They are here within our community all around us to stay.They are law enforcement officers and they are here to serve and protect. However, what they do goes beyond that. Officers strive to be an active part of the community by building relationships within the community. Those relationships allow officers to interact with the members of the community and be a resource for the public.“The relationships we build in the community are very important to the officers,” said Plymouth Police Chief David Bacon. “When officers drive and walk around they begin to break down those walls and become more accessible to others.”The relationship between an officer and the individuals within a community is just one important part of the job. The relationships start at young ages with programs such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) in schools. The program not only teaches children about the dangers of illegal drugs but it allows children the chance to get to know an officer.“The DARE program is great. It is the interaction the officer has with the kids that builds the relationships. After finishing the program the kids are left with the idea that ‘hey this officer is approachable.’ We don’t want kids to fear officers. We want them to know that officers are good and we are here to help.”The DARE program is offered at elementary schools throughout the county. Officers do other things as well to build those relationships. At Plymouth high school a School Resource Officer is present daily. The presence of the officer in the school is not just a crime deterrent but also another chance for students to build a relationship with law enforcement. Officers of various departments in the county frequently attend sporting events and other public events with the main goal of creating the opportunity for interaction. Through the interaction officers can help individuals, even if it is just answering a question.“The officers here came into this profession, they got into this to help people,” said Bacon. “They come into work everyday and get into their cars to help people. They are out there not just to write tickets but because they care and want to help make a difference.”Law enforcement officers have to work hard and complete a great deal of training before they can earn the badge. The training can be a lot to handle because it creates the foundation for officers that everything else builds off of. Training at the police academy is 15 weeks with another 15 weeks of field training. That is more than half a year the individual spends just in training before starting work as an officer on their own. There is continuous education that each officer must complete annually as well.“As an officer you have to know what your capabilities are,” said Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin. “You have to be able to make decisions within milliseconds about how susceptible the individual you are approaching will be to what you are saying.”At the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department officers review the force continuum training (and other training) on a monthly basis. Use-of-force continuum is outlined as five basic levels. The first stage is when an officer’s presence deters crime or diffuses a situation. In many situations the presence of an authority figure is enough to calm the situation. If it is not the next stage of the continuum is approached.The second stage is verbalization. The officer on scene would use his or her voice to bring resolution to the situation. This could be as simple as telling an individual to stop to asking for identification or other nonthreatening commands as the situation calls for. At this point an officer may need to move to the third stage, empty-hand control. Officers may have to physically restrain an individual, hold someone back or if the situation calls for it be more forceful.The fourth stage would involve less-lethal methods that could immobilize a combative person. These methods include blunt impact, such as using a baton, or chemical sprays, like pepper spray, or conducted energy devices that discharge a high-voltage, low-amperage jolt of electricity at a distance. If the officer, at this point, cannot gain control of the situation, they would move to stage five.The lethal force stage is only used if a suspect poses a serious threat to the officer or another individual. This is when the officer would use a weapon such as a firearm to stop an individual’s actions.“If there is resistance we apply force equal to the resistance because the officer needs to be able to control the suspect and the situation,” said Chamberlin.The catch to the force continuum is that officers don’t always know what to expect when they arrive on a scene. Therefore they must begin assessing the situation as they are arriving on the scene. Officers observe the location, the people, the vehicles and everything they come across. The officer takes mental notes of vehicles running, open doors, shadowy places where someone could be hiding, animals, sounds and that is all before even getting out of their vehicle.The officer must be prepared for a wide variety of possible situations. Often when a call comes in to dispatch there is very little information provided for the officer as they approach the scene.One way officers become prepared for those possible situations is, more training. State law requires officers to complete a minimum of 24 hours of training each year. Each department also has their own training requirements in addition to the state’s requirements. Training includes Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVO), physical combat or hand-to-hand combat, defensive tactics and firearms training. EVO training requires officers to drive through obstacle courses.“Dynamic training teaches officers when to shoot and when not to shoot,” said Bourbon Chief of Police Bill Martin. “It is basically the closest you can come to the real thing for officers to practice making split second decisions.”The shoot/ don’t shoot training that Martin mentioned can be conducted in a variety of ways. In some training scenarios the training is live action with officers using plastic bullets to act out scenes that an officer might encounter. Another method is through computer simulated training. The officer would work through the program coming across different situations. And yet another method involves a shooting range and staged targets.“Shoot/ don’t shoot training raises the level of anxiety through different methods to increase heart rate and challenge the officer to think quickly. The training replicates what the officers could find when responding to a call,” said Chamberlin.The training is often done while others observe. The observation allows for feedback both to and from the officer. Those observing can watch for the judgement calls that are made and internalize the information for future reference. It also gives an opportunity for officers to critique each other allowing more feedback for the officers.“It is very serious to pull our firearms,” said Bacon. “That is why we do all the training.”The last time an officer involved shooting occurred in Marshall County was in February of 2012. The following is an excerpt from a Pilot News article printed on March 9, 2012, “The results of an extensive investigation by the Indiana State Police establish that an Argos Police officer received a telephone call about a possible intoxicated driver with a description of the vehicle as a red Dodge pickup truck.”The article then goes on to describe the events of the officer initiating a traffic stop. The driver of the truck slowed to pull over then quickly pulled away at a high rate of speed. Other law enforcement officers joined in the pursuit. The report stated that speeds of the vehicle exceeded 100 mph. During the pursuit the suspect rammed an Argos Police vehicle and continued driving, a total of 36 miles, before finally coming to a stop near the intersection of Quince Road and Roy Street.The officers approached the suspect with tasers drawn. After several attempts ordering the suspect to stop with no results, the suspect turned and fired two shots at the officers. The officers returned fire and the suspect died from the injuries received. It was determined the suspect’s blood alcohol content was .133 percent.Prosecuting attorney David R. Holmes said (in the Pilot News article), “The investigation by the Indiana State Police was thorough, extensive and professional. There is no doubt that the decedent intended to do serious injury, perhaps even death to the officers at the scene by his discharge of a handgun directly at them.”The next most recent officer involved shooting in Marshall County was back in 1997 when a suspect entered the Plymouth Police Department with a knife. In the lobby was an officer assisting a citizen fill out an accident report. The officer ordered the suspect to drop the knife, which he did not do. Instead the suspect advanced on the officer. The officer pulled his firearm and fired once ordering the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect continued advance on the officer and attempted to stab the officer in the abdomen. The officer then fired a second shot at a distance of less than 12 inches. The suspect died from the injury. Both situations ended with an officer using the training they received to make the best decision they could at the time.“There were boards and citizens and legal representatives that reviewed both cases an found no fault on the officers,” said Chamberlin.Each department has their own set of procedures for what would take place in the event of an officer involved shooting incident. However, every department believes in providing the officer with the support he or she needs during the difficult process. The impact it has on a police officer, to discharge a weapon at an individual, is something that all departments take very seriously.Argos Chief of Police Rodney Rudd explains, “Where an officer’s use of force results in death, the officer shall be placed on administrative leave after completing all internal investigative requirements and until it is determined by the Institute for Public Safety Personnel, Inc. that the officer is ready to return to active duty.”Each department has procedures in place for any officer involved in an incident that results in death. The officer would be put on administrative leave while an investigation took place. Investigations are done internally and with the help of the state police or other agencies.“There are different agencies that provide counseling with specializations in critical incident counseling,” said Martin. “The Indiana State Police have trained personnel that officers can meet with following an incident. We have a new officer that has been through the critical incident debriefing and he is available county wide if necessary.”Chamberlin takes it one step further. “I have made it mandatory for officers, I want them to take the opportunity to discuss the incident with a third party that wasn’t involved and that isn’t wearing a uniform.”During the investigation the reviewing agency examines the incident report to ensure that the behavior of the officer aligns with the state and department policies. The information would then be passed on to the prosecutor to determine if the case needs to go through a grand jury.“How you apply your training is how your officers will act. Every time you train you train by your policy,” said Chamberlin. The training that law enforcement officers receive is critical to their job. After all, cops go to work just like bankers, factory workers and reporters, their job just involves different tasks.Plymouth, INDiona EskewPolice officer training key to successThe Pilot County Commissioners meeting, November 32014-10-31T10:50:21-04:002014-10-31T10:50:21-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsMarshall County CommissionersNovember 3, 2014 Proposed Agenda8:30 am Brenda Harper • United Way campaign8:35 am Bart Trester-USI • 7th Road update • Metronet update • Jefferson Street Bridge update8:45 am Highway Report9:00 am County Attorney Report –Jim Clevenger9:15 am County Auditor Report • Minutes - October 20, 2014 • November Claims Commissioner Items • Umbaugh contract Public Comments Adjournment Plymouth, INNo author availableMarshall County Commissioners meeting, November 3The Pilot The Best Halloween Costumes for Pets2014-10-31T09:15:38-04:002014-10-31T09:15:38-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script><div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:390px;height:219px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="28072505" data-config-site-section="horizon"></div> Plymouth, INNo author availableVIDEO: The Best Halloween Costumes for PetsThe Pilot is a dangerous time for children2014-10-30T08:18:34-04:002014-10-30T08:18:34-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsAnd while Halloween is a time for fun and treats, it's also a night full of dangerous situations.Kate Carr, president and CEO of the advocacy group Safe Kids Worldwide, says on average, twice as many children are killed on Beggar's Night compared to other times of the year.She says there are more cars on the road, children are excited and it's dark outside, so parents need to be proactive."Have a conversation with their child about walking safely," she stresses. "Make sure that kids can be seen so add a little bit of something that will reflect light, whether it's reflective tape or certainly a flashlight is something that will be handy for kids of all ages."Carr says children should be reminded to use sidewalks, look both ways when crossing the street and to only travel in familiar areas.Costumes are another concern, and Carr says they should fit properly so they are not a trip hazard.She also suggests using makeup instead of a mask that can slip and obstruct a child's vision.Carr points out a recent survey of parents found that 12 percent allow children five years of age or younger to trick-or-treat without a parent's supervision."And that might mean they're going out with an older sibling, but for kids under five, they're still not really aware of the rules of the road," she points out. "And especially on Halloween night, we want to make sure that kids under the age of 10 has an adult with them."Carr says only a third of parents talk to children annually about staying safe on Halloween, but it's especially important this year."Because it's on a Friday night this year, be extra alert because the weekend might mean that there'll be more activity in your neighborhood because families are able to do more things on a weekend night than they do during the week," she advises.Motorists are also reminded to be extra cautious on the roads during trick-or-treating hours by turning on their headlights, driving below the posted speed and not using a cellphone while driving.Plymouth, INMary Kuhlman: Indiana News ServiceHalloween is a dangerous time for childrenThe Pilot of City contract with Blueberry Festival in negotiations2014-10-30T08:00:03-04:002014-10-30T08:00:03-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsNeither side would divulge details about what is being contested by the Blueberry Festival, but an agreement is expected soon. The Blueberry Festival rejected the contract at a board meeting earlier this month.the current contract on file ends this year. It was a three year contract requiring the festival to pay $31,000 each year in rental fees. The contract also requires the festival to maintain a $5 million insurance coverage policy.Plymouth, INDiona EskewTerms of City contract with Blueberry Festival in negotiationsThe Pilot Revitalization meeting, November 52014-10-29T11:46:27-04:002014-10-29T11:46:27-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsAGENDACITY OF PLYMOUTHDOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION MEETINGWednesday, November 5, 2014_________________________________________________________Plymouth Community Schools___5:30 P.M. Administration Building 611 Berkley Dr, Plymouth Call to OrderRoll CallMinutes of the September 3, 2014 meetingNew downtown ideas Other BusinessAdjournmentIf you are disabled and need special accommodations, please call the ADA Coordinator at 574-936-2948.Plymouth, INNo author availableDowntown Revitalization meeting, November 5The Pilot of Zoning Appeals, November 52014-10-28T15:22:43-04:002014-10-28T15:22:43-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPlymouth Board of Zoning Appeals124 N. Michigan Street, Plymouth, IN (Garro Street entrance)Date: November 5, 2014Time: 7:30 p.m.* * * AGENDA * * * Call to OrderRoll CallMinutes of last regular meeting October 7, 2014BZA 2014-19: James and Teresa Brandt, 125 Elliott Ave, Plymouth, IN – Application for a Variance of Development Standard to reduce the required side yard setback from 10 feet or 10% of the lot width to three (3) feet to build a garage on Lot #51 in Elliott Place Subdivision, Plymouth, IN, with an address of 125 Elliott Ave., Plymouth, IN and located in an R3 Traditional Residential zoning district.City Attorney Surrisi: Findings of Facts for previous casesBuilding Commissioner Keith HammondsOther Business AdjournIf you are handicapped and need special accommodations, please contact the ADA Coordinator at 574-936-2948.Plymouth, INNo author availableBoard of Zoning Appeals, November 5The Pilot