The Daily Press The Pilot News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-28T07:14:44-04:00 Notre Dame names team captains2014-08-28T07:14:44-04:002014-08-28T07:14:44-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News <script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Plymouth, INNo author availableVIDEO: Notre Dame names team captainsThe Pilot farmer okay after lightning strike2014-08-28T07:11:07-04:002014-08-28T07:11:06-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsPhil Shafer, 51, was working on a Bobcat skid loader when at 10:54 a.m., lightning struck near the implement.“We took out a first responder unit, an EMT ambulance, and paramedic ambulance that went. We had a whole team of people there in case you need them,” said Mike Hargreaves, a firefighter and EMT with the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department.Hargreaves reported that Shafer awake and talking before he was taken to the hospital.“I didn’t see a lot burns, his heart was going real fast. He was shaken up real good,” he said.Shafer was transported to South Bend Memorial Hospital, which has a trauma center that specializes in serious conditions. Shafer was kept under observation, treated and discharged later that day.Hargreaves stated that the danger with electricity is that it can be difficult to see what damage has been caused until later, including heart and nervous system issues. Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoLakeville farmer okay after lightning strikeThe Pilot HIghway 31 named in memory of late state legislator2014-08-28T07:06:30-04:002014-08-28T07:06:30-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThe new piece of highway is estimated to save Hoosiers 30 minutes driving time when US 31 is fully completed in 2015.Among the VIPS were Governor Mike Pence and U.S. Representative Jackie Walorski, as well as the late Representative’s widow and other sons and daughters. The lawmaker’s name now graces a portion of US 31 as the Richard W. Mangus Memorial Highway,“On behalf of the Mangus family, we want to thank you for having a portion of US 31 named after Richard Mangus. US 31 had a huge impact on the family,” Ron Mangus stated.Mangus travelled an estimated 900 trips from his home to the statehouse, covering 225,000 miles and 5,000 hours in his car. Ron stated this father would have saved about 900 hours on the road had he lived to utilize the new highway.Commencing the ceremony, Pence signed into executive order stating that the dedicated portion was now named the Richard W. Mangus Memorial Highway.Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoUS HIghway 31 named in memory of late state legislatorThe Pilot Festival parking fee increasing2014-08-28T06:57:16-04:002014-08-28T06:57:16-04:00The parking lots and grassy areas at PHS have been used since the 1980’s as the official parking for the festival. However, it wasn’t until 1992 that the organizers began keeping data. In the past 21 years, the official parking during the festival has brought in $525,000.Charlotte Tyree, the schools’ liaison between PHS and the Blueberry Festival Committee, said there have been discussions over the last 10 years concerning a price increase, but due to the economy, the matter was put on hold until now. Profits from the parking are divided among PHS clubs and organizations that help during the festival (50 percent), the Blueberry Festival (30 percent), and the Moose Lodge (20 percent). No dateline availableNo author availableBlueberry Festival parking fee increasingNo source Pioneer celebrates 25 years2014-08-28T07:01:09-04:002014-08-27T15:09:01-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsSpecial guest speakers included the Director of Indiana State Department of Agriculture Ted McKinney and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. “Plymouth has a very unique growing area,” said Mark Letsinger, production location manager of the Plymouth Pioneer facility. “The great lakes provide a tempered climate which is very beneficial to growing seed corn as well as other specialty crops.”To kick off the celebration employees and their families joined together on Tuesday evening to tour the facility. Wednesday morning employees gave tours to the public, growers, investors and other interested individuals. Following the tour presentations more than 350 individuals, including about 150 employees, gathered together to enjoy lunch catered by Amish Acres. Following lunch several speakers took the stage to talk about the last 25 years and the next 25 years.The Plymouth plant has 90 full time employees and 35 temporary employees. During the busy summer season Pioneer employs nearly 1,500 detasselers and around 300 additional employees for harvesting.Plymouth Mayor MArk Senter read a proclamation from the city declaring Aug. 27, 2014 as DuPont Pioneer Seed Day.Plymouth, INDiona EskewDuPont Pioneer celebrates 25 yearsThe Pilot North School Board Agenda, August 282014-08-27T11:47:32-04:002014-08-27T11:47:32-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsBelow is posted their proposed agenda for the evening.UNION-NORTH UNITED SCHOOL CORPORATIONLakeville, IndianaBOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES MEETINGAugust 28, 2014Immediately Following the Board of Directors of the Building Corporation MeetingThe meeting will be held in the LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School, Media Center 69969 US 31 South, Lakeville, IN 46536REGULAR SESSIONORDER OF BUSINESS:Meeting Called to Order: ____________A. Pledge of Allegiance:B. Roll Call:C. Patron Comments on Agenda Action Items:D. Approval of Agenda as Presented:Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:E. 1028/Amendment to Lease/Additional Appropriation Consolidated Public Hearing:Hearing Opened: ________________Hearing Closed: _________________F. Concensus Agenda:Action Item: To approve the Executive Session Minutes from July 24, 2014 and the Regular Meeting Minutes of August 14, 2014 as presented.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:G. Resolution Confirming Second Amendment to Lease:Action Item: To approve the resolution confirming the amendment to lease, approving issuanceof first mortgage bonds for the 2014/2015construction projects and approving related matters asrequired by law.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:H. Additional Appropriation Resolution:Action Item: To approve the resolution making an additional appropriation in the amount of$1,400,000, which appropriation is to be provided out of the 2014 first mortgage bonds,together with all interest earnings thereon, and used for the 2014 construction projects.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:VoteI. Personnel:Action Item: To approve the following personnel items: Correction from July 24, 2014 meeting, Nathanael Sudduth was approved as the Summer Music Program Director at $1,670.00. He should have been approved as the Summer Music Director at $2,970.00; Virginia Taylor and Erica Gunn as 6th Grade Volleyball Coaches at $450 each; Cyndy Keeling as Jr. High Cheerleading Sponsor at $1,080.00 and Michael Minarik as a volunteer cross country coach; Corey Duncan as the new Math Teacher at the Jr/Sr High School at $45,000 prorated for the start date of August 29, 2014; Patricia Eddy on a Temporary Teacher’s Contract as a Jr/Sr High School Math Teacher retroactive to August 19, 2014 at $314.46 per day.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:Resignation:Informational Item: Mr. Mawhorter has accepted the resignation of Arlene Zarate as the High AbilityCoordinator.J. Athletic Trainer Support Agreement:Action Item: To renew the support agreement with Memorial Hospital to provide us with an athletictrainer at $22,660.00 per year.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:K. HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement:Action: To approve the agreement between Ideal Consolidated and Union-North for HVAC preventative maintenance at $19,120.00 per year and the cost for Emergency Service Calls at $79.50 per hour.Motion:Motion by: Seconded by:Vote:L. Beginning Support Staff Pay Rates:Action Item: To approve the beginning pay rates as presented for the 2014/2015 school year forthe Support Staff. Motion: Motion by: Seconded by:Vote:M. RISE Rubric:Action Item: To approve the RISE Rubric for Teachers as presented.Motion:Motion by:Seconded by:Vote:N. Superintendent’s Report:O. Board Comments:P. Upcoming Meetings and/or events:September 1, 2014- Labor Day, Schools and Offices are ClosedSeptember 11, 2014- Public Hearing on the Proposed 2015 Budget, 7:00 p.m.September 11, 2014- Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.Q. Adjournment: _________________This meeting is a meeting of the School Board in public for the purpose of conducting the School Corporation’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There will be time for public participation as indicated by agenda items. (Board By-Law 0160 [0166] page 4 of all.Plymouth, INNo author availableUnion North School Board Agenda, August 28The Pilot veterans document their stories2014-08-26T22:50:00-04:002014-08-26T16:16:41-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsThis video clip shows just a small fraction of the information the students were able to collect from the interviews. The complete article will be in tomorrow's Pilot News.Plymouth, INDiona EskewWWII veterans document their storiesThe Pilot weather storm warning issued2014-08-26T13:58:54-04:002014-08-26T13:58:54-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsA storm with winds of 60 miles per hour is likely, with damage to roofs and trees possible.Plymouth, INNo author availableSevere weather storm warning issuedThe Pilot The focus on ND defense2014-08-26T09:53:44-04:002014-08-26T09:53:44-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script><div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:390px;height:219px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="26550037" data-config-site-section="pilotnews"></div>Plymouth, INNo author availableVIDEO: The focus on ND defenseThe Pilot industries seeking Plymouth tax abatement2014-08-26T08:56:38-04:002014-08-26T08:56:38-04:00Copyright 2010 The Pilot NewsJerry Chavez, the executive director for the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, said: “On behalf of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation board of directors who ask your support for this resolution before you which is valuable that we recognize businesses in the area continually that make capital investments, create jobs, and it’s a tool that you will consider, tax abatement, that allows them to move forward,” said Chavez.Plymouth, INRachael Herbert-VarchettoTwo industries seeking Plymouth tax abatementThe Pilot