Two Distinguished Young Women winners

BREMEN — Sara Slabaugh was named the Distinguished Young Woman for Bremen this year. Unfortunately, she won't be attending the state competition in March due to basketball conflicts.
"A couple weeks after that, I found out about the state sectionals and I'm the captain," she explained.
"We had to call over to the national people and ask what to do with the scholarship money and where it would go."
Instead, competing at the state competition this year for Bremen will be Bay Cope.
"I was sad that Sara didn't get to go and take this opportunity, but I'm also excited to go," Cope said.
Slabaugh and Cope are close friends, so there wasn't any animosity between them after the title transfer and both will be receiving a portion of the scholarship money.

**To read the entire story, see the Jan. 30 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.