Riley Dance Marathon earns nearly double projected goal

BREMEN — The 2014 Riley Dance Marathon was a big success this year.
With a goal of $6,500, which committee members were concerned about meeting as late as the morning of the dance marathon, the total earned came out to $10,399.50.
"I think the key to it being successful was that we turned it over to the kids," Melissa Manges, guidance counselor at Bremen High School and head of the Riley Dance Marathon Committee, said. "When kids are in charge and put their hearts into it, the sky's the limit."
A "Kidnap the DJ," game commenced spur of the moment but earned $130 for Riley's. Students "kidnapped" the DJ and instead played annoying music until they'd reached their goal or ransom.
Performing artist JT Wood attended the event and sang "I've been changed for good," for the group. A collection was taken up get an encore performance. That activity earned around $200.
"I really can't put into it into words," Amanda Napier, Riley Dance Committee, said. "We're thanks to everybody that came and supported us."

**For more information, check out the March 26 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.