Germs? What germs?

The Triton Elementary third grade health class has been learning about what is an illness or disease.  This is the time of year that many students start to get sick and the class has taken a closer look at what causes them to get sick.  Is it a virus?  Is it a bacterium?  Students learned that a virus is like the cold and a doctor cannot give medicine to cure it, but a doctor can give them things to make the symptoms better.  They learned we have to wait on our bodies to fight off viruses, while we eat and sleep well.  A doctor can help with bacterial types of illnesses, but the best plan of action that we can take is to wash our hands REALLY WELL!  During a little experiment in class, students used glitter on their hands to represent germs.  They tested some of the actions that they have noticed about how people “clean” their hands.  For example, brushing hands on your pants, rinsing hands and actually using soap and water.  It was very easy for students to see the best way to get rid of those glittery germs!  Wash with soap and water while singing “Happy Birthday!”  Bye-Bye GERMS!
Pictured are: Julian Swanson, Macy Carson, Connor Olesen, Marissa Nelson, Cohen Stayton and Bayleigh Braton.