Falcons have tough opposition to taking the next step

Garrett West runs the ball for the Falcons in week one of high school football.
Rusty Nixon
Sports Editor

WALKERTON - It was a step in the right direction for Glenn's Falcons taking an opening night win over Boone Grove, one that head coach Austin Foust hopes builds momentum.

"We preached playing hard for four quarters and at halftime we told them if we keep pushing we can wear them out and that's what happened," he said. "Our 13 seniors are a big reason for that win and we got them together early this week and reminded them that they have been 1-0 at this point in the season for the last four years. It's time to take that next step."

There is another thing motivating the Falcons in week two.

"It's been over a year since we've won a home game," said Foust. "This is something we all want."

It will not be easy as the week two opponent is a Mishawaka Marian team that won their NIC opener with Clay a week ago 42-8.

"There is no question what Coach (Reggie) Glon has been able to do there turning them into a real powerhouse," said Foust. "We just want to get in a position where we've played hard for four quarters and put ourselves in a position to make plays in the that fourth quarter."

With consistency breeds success in high school football and at Marian that is certainly true.

"The first thing you see is really sort of the traditional Marian attack," said Foust. "They are very disciplined. Their lineman really fire off the ball, so much so that we made it clear to our lineman that's how we want them to come off the ball. 

"They are a little bit different they don't have that one 'stud' that they've had in the past but they've got a lot of really talented skilled players," said Foust. "Their quarterback (Mithchell Floran) is just a sophomore but he's really more of a running threat than their QB was last year." 

"For the most part it's a traditional option. The same but a lot more formations that makes it a lot more difficult for you."

The Marian defense will present a problem as well.

"Defensively they are really big up front. They control the offensive line with their defensive line that allows their linebackers to really just go run and make plays," said Foust. "We have to execute, and play hard for the entire game."