Council negotiates park ordinances

BREMEN -- Much of the Bremen Town Council meeting held on Monday night consisted of discussions regarding potential ordinances placed onto the three parks manned by the Bremen Parks Department.
Originally, the hope was to create one simple fee for all park ordinances discussed in the previous council meeting; breaking a park ordinace would result in a $10-fine. However council members decided that certain possible ordinances were more fair and reasonable to park users than others.
Sale and use of tobacco products by minors will now be prohibited and those in violation will be fined.
Adults and legal users, smoking in the parks will not be fined, but there is still a park rule against it. Discussions in favor of smoking on park property and against smoking on park property were presented during the meeting. Many agreed that smoking in the bleachers was an unpleasant situation, however an ordinance to make smoking in the parks illegal would be difficult to mandate. Council members also agreed that smoking in the parking lots and on pathways may not be a problem, which parks superintendent Brian Main disagreed with. In the end, the decision was made to not take action against smoking in the parks, but to consider the use of signage to help prevent smoking around bleachers and youth league activities.

** To read the entire story, see the May 1 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.