Council discusses new well field

BREMEN -- Much of the discussion at Bremen Town Council meeting held on April 14 was in relationship to the potential for a new field in the park.
In November, the council was in discussions with PeerLess Midwest for a $3.65 million project for the engineering and construction of two wells. Since that time, the council has come to believe it will be in the better interest of money and resources to install only one well, with a 1,000 per gallon limit.
Also in the original plan, this well and potentially future well field was to be in the Tax Increment Financing District so the town could use TIF funds to help with the construction, however cost savings have proven that the best location for the new well is within the park system and not the TIF district.
If everything goes as planning, construction should begin within six months, however, there will be lot to do before and during the process.

** To read the entire story, see the April 23 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.