City Hall renovations could start this summer

Storage boxes from the Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer's Office are stacked next to a safe inside a room on the second floor of City Hall. The window, on the building's Garro Street side, looks out on downtown. Weighing about 3,000 pounds, Mayor Mark Senter said the safe, a remnant from the building's days as a bank, will stay during the building's planned renovation.
Staff Writer

Renovation work to Plymouth City Hall – which would include increasing the size of city council chambers – could begin as early as this summer, City Attorney Sean Surrisi said during Tuesday’s meeting of the city’s plan commission.
The plan commission approved a resolution Tuesday saying the renovation plan is in line with the city’s overall comprehensive plan.
The plan commission’s approval now sends the project on to the Plymouth City Council for its review. The council meets Monday.
The estimated $2.5 million plan calls for the city to purchase the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce building, which stands next to city hall.
Additional information in the Thursday edition of the Pilot News.