Bremen Streets Department paves the way, road still slick

BREMEN — Last week was busy for the Bremen Streets Department.
With over a foot of snow falling over the course of a single day, Bremen Streets Department spent most of the day ensuring road safety for travelers.
“We had two shifts going,” Streets Superintendent, Alex Mikel, explained. “We worked from when the snow storm started to evening and then we switched swifts.”
Mikel explained that the first shift worked a solid eight hours while the other worked around six to clear the roads, and first shift returned the next morning to finish the job.
Much of the second shift consisted of crew from the Electricity Department and Waste-Water Department.
He explained that while many towns and cities struggled with the weather, the Town of Bremen was able to handle itself fairly well.
“We knew it was coming so we were prepared,” he stated.
While exact cost for the weekend is not yet known, Mikel stated that the majority of the unexpected expenditure will stem from overtime and additional fuel costs.
The departments used three two-ton dump trucks, three one-ton dump trucks, two service trucks and a loader to clear the roads, essentially taking advantage of all of their resources to ensure safety.
**To read the entire story, see the Jan. 15 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.